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: I live in California I own and live in my home with my 2 children. My house is worth $195,000. The judgment against me is $60,000. Bankruptcy is not an option. I've tried working out a payment plan with these collectors/lawyers and I can't afford what they want me to pay right now. Can they force me to sell my house? I don't think there's much equity in my home. Serious answers only. I know there's homestead laws in CA but I'm not completely clear on how they work. HELP!

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: No, a non-foreclosure judgement cannot be used to force sale of a primary residence.
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: Explain in more detail please.
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: Not unless you've put the house up as some kind of collateral. The time to negotiate this would have been before the judgement. I wonder why you didn't. Creditors are only in it for the money so if you tell them they can accept your terms or get nothing I suspect they'll reconsider. You need to see a lawyer to figure this all out.
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