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: I got pulled over on my mini bike and got a driving on suspended and no insurance. Then I got the times mixed up For my court date and got a failure to appear. Now I probably have a bench warrant. Im to broke for a lawyer. And I dont feel I should just sit in jail for a week waiting for a court date to see a judge. Any one know california laws regarding my situation. .

All because I checked my mail on my damn mjni bike; (

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: Alex's advice is good. If you go to court voluntarily, you will not need to wait in jail to go to court. Moreover, if you have been charged with a misdemeanor failure to appear you will be entitled to appointed counsel if you cannot afford an attorney who will probably be able to take care of your situation that day. If you are charged with failure to appear as an infraction you won't get a lawyer--but you also will not be remanded to custody.
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