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: Hi.
I have a boyfriend and we're getting married but we're in big trouble cuz of his ex.

My bf and his ex had been together for six years and lived together.
She considered him such a sucker. She didn't work at all, she stop her studying at college, and she spent his money all the time.

Worse thing is she stole his some of cards what he seldom use and had spent about $6,000.
Everytime when she got the bills, she hide those. So my bf didn't know about that at all.
Since they broke up, he has gotten a bunch of bills and some of card company even sued him.
My bf asked her about that and she promised she's gonna give him money soon when she get a student loan but it's 8 months ago already and we found out it was all lie. But he believed her that time so he started to pay for all bills by payment plans. But he still has lot of debts and he doesn't make that much money to pay all in short time. Because of this we get so much stress and have no money for wedding.

Now she ignore his texts, all messages, and calling. Even we found some of copied papers of his cards in her stuff are left at home few days ago.
She also used his card on the online few days ago and she even tried to get a new phone by his credit card.
These all happened WITHOUT ANY HIS PERMISSION!!!
His credit score is getting lower that I'm so worried our future.

Right now, what can we do? We're so mad about her!!!!:/
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: Well, first, get new cards issued so she can't keep charging them.

If she is using his cards without permission, then call the cops and report fradulent card purchases.

The tricky thing for your BF is that he allowed this to go on for a long time. As a card holder, you need to report illegitimate charges ASAP. Because they were in a relationship when some of the charges occured, the BF made payments on the charges, and failed to notify the police/credit company in a timely manner, he might be liable for some of the charges.
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: Call the police and tell them there was a theft, call the credit companies with the police reports, get new cards and have a fraud alert put on them so he is always called before new credit is issued in his name.
You might be able to sue her, but it sounds like she has no money either.

But you have to take the steps, she's stealing from him and doesn't care, and the credit card companies don't care, so you have to tell them and make sure she can't do it anymore. And if she gets arrested.... so what?
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: First of all, why didn't he cancel all his credit cards. he should do that immediately.
secondly, he can retain a lawyer and try and get the money back if he has signed receipts with her signature on them.
thirdly, if he can't get the money back, if you are willing to have your credit ruined, you can try and file for bankruptcy. this should be your very last rescort......because it will impact your credit for years...even if you decide to buy a home some day.
He may have some difficulty defending himself when it comes to when they lived together and she used his card. The courts may not believe that.
Start with him cancelling all credit cards. Then see an attorney.
If she recently "tried to use" his card..there is nothing you can do but cancel the card. If she DID use his card and make a purchase you can report her to the police and to the credit card company. this was an unauthorized purchase.
He should check his credit cards daily to see what transactions have been made. If she continues, make sure the credit card companies know (they have to be told immediately) and let the police know.
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: They only way out of this is to file a police report...which your BF won't do because he IS A SUCKER and won't want to put this B----- in jail..I guarantee that she won't pay otherwise and he'll end up getting stuck with the bills..and you since you are marrying him..YOU WILL PAY AS WELL
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: What kind of idiot doesn't cancel his cards when he knows they are being used by someone not authorized to use them?
He can take her to court if he has proof that he never allowed her to use his cards in the first place. Going to be hard to do if they lived together all those years. She would most likely only be responsible for the charges after they were no longer living together.
The court is going to want to know why he hasn't cancelled those cards.
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: I'd be careful reporting this as theft or fraud. The way he's handled things implies he's consented to what she's done. I don't know how he thinks she'd get enough on a student loan to pay this large a credit card debt though -- those loans need to go to educational expenses and directly related matters. It also sounds like he didn't even bother to get new cards, or to contact the bank to challenge her charges. So, you might say things are without his permission... but it looks like most of this is with his permission.

Especially for the latest charges, he needs to contact the bank, tell them a bit of what's happening and that they're not authorized, and request new cards so she can't keep doing things. Otherwise this isn't an obvious case of fraud or theft, and he probably needs to watch social dynamics with his ex. Since it sounds like he's already on things like payment plans and acknowledged the debt as his, he probably needs to sue her in court. But if she doesn't have income right now, a judgment in his favor could take awhile to be paid.

Especially since you're getting married, I'd be careful blaming everything on the ex, as much as you might want to. Your boyfriend was very much part of this for 6 years himself, and apparently didn't have a problem with it. This isn't just her considering him a sucker. Also keep in mind she was essentially a stay at home housewife for 6 years. If this was a divorce, she'd usually still be entitled to half of what accumulated during the relationship. Your boyfriend may have been benefiting professionally from her being around, taking care of him, maintaining the residence, helping his social connections, etc. So it's not just that he's superior because he worked and she used him as a sucker. Depending on what all went on and where, some courts may find she's actually owed money still at the end of the relationship, despite what went on with the credit cards. She maybe didn't handle it right, however. But your boyfriend was obviously getting enough positive from her in his life that they lived together for six years. Be a little careful how you handle things. She's likely to have some rights to what your boyfriend gained over the years, which is why he didn't have a fit with the cards before and even took on the payments as his own.
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