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: As a citizen in these United States one can not tell a Policeman anything doing an encounter of any type. Try being arrested in your own home in the great state of Minnesota. When a plain clothes Police Officer Deputy Bradley Marquardt comes to your door. Without identifying himself, began beating and ringing the door bell as if a criminal trying to gain entry into your home. Please understand that this home is not in a high crime area but just the opposite, this home is in the upscale City of Woodbury, Minnesota. Now please also understand this female is taken from her home after only waving a knife out the door never leaving the inside of the house. While yelling get off my property, Deputy Bradley Marquardt lies and says the female stab and swung the knife at him while he is on the outside of the house. After the female called the police 911 she at gun point, was led away and charged with 2nd degree assault. There are only two individuals living in the home and both are placed at gun point by seven uniform Policemen who also enter the home with a K-9.

A shotgun is placed at the head of the male resident of the home; the male resident is handcuffed and held at gun point while Deputy Bradley Marquardt searched the home without a warrant for which he could have gotten by telephone or written for. The wife is lead out of the house and placed under-arrest and charged with felony assault in the second degree. And after being arrested and bailed out of jail the wife goes to court and due to financial situations plead guilty to the charge of 2nd degree assault that states when you have completed and followed the court rulings to the letter and your state of resident puts in for your release you get it. Where is the shift due to the field of psychology probation officers to emphasis from moral leadership to therapeutic counseling? This shift brought three important changes. First, the officer no longer primarily acted as a community supervisor charged with enforcing a particular morality. Second, the officer became more of a clinical social worker whose goal was to help the offender solve psychological and social problems. Third, the offender was expected to become actively involved in the treatment. With the actions of Honorable Gregory G. Galler, probation officers hasnít been able to carry out their duties according to law. To which a probation officer and parole office has no objections to the court rulings four years earlier and changes the charge four years later to the assault on a police officer. Rather than granting the wife her release.

Under what circumstances probation officers can pursue a Judge to set-a-side the ruling of another Judge? What type of cases would allow such action to take place? The Judge Honorable Mary E. Carlson presiding over the case when such case was being brought before the court has made such ruling that when your state of residency put in for your release you get released. Can such a Judge Honorable Gregory G. Galler set presidents over Judge Mary E. Carlsonís Rulings? Are there laws constructional under the constitution of these United States? If so, where can such law be found, and what rule governs enactment of that law? This probation officer and staff members were present at this sentencing hearing and offered no objection four years ago so how and why can such action be taken now. Even the Lawyer Mr. Frederick J. Goetz for the defendant motions were not recognized doing sentencing stage. A motion to dismiss this case was offered but was overlooked and was placed in the transcript of the court. Again what type of Kangaroo court allowed in certain cases in these United States?

Why did Brian Nickolas of Atlanta, GA take advantage of a jailer, kill a Judge, clerk, and police officers? How quickly have we forgotten Lee Malvo, John Allen Muhammad going on a few weeks killing spree? Try being a defendant in a court system in this country while knowing a police officer only has to tell a bald face lie. These criminal systems in this country will prosecute a offender to the full extent of the law. As 85% to 95% of most minorities in the criminal system today has lost their voting privileges due to the manufacturing of a lie by a policeman. Since DNA Science has advanced as it has today, look how many minorities have been released from prison? There has not been a study conducted and never will be of minorities that has not been in a prison who didnít have an Attorney nor could afford an Attorney but has had enough knowledge to defend themselves. Only defending themselves from having to go to prison. But just like hurricane Kithira/Rita uncovered the unequal way minorities were treated in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama. That same type of devastation will have to happen in the criminal system in this country. Now believe me when I say that this country hasnít seen that and wonít face up to its wrong. But there is one thing I pray that Minorities come election time in 2006 and 2008 is paying attention to what God is showing the African Americans in this country. Look at the Immigration situation happening in this country right now, this country has been treating African Americans the same way for all this time African Americans has been in this country and African American were brought into this country. Yes, I also know that they are not listening or seeing God at work. Because if God has delivery African Americans from slavery and they canít stand one another leads me to the verse of Godís word that says: ďHow can you say you love me God, with whom you can not see, when you canít love your brother and sister with whom you see each and every dayĒ That is why we are losing in the court systems of this country. Please could you help and answer just some the questions ask here????
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: That was some rant.

OJ Simpson, Kobe Brayant, Rodney King
The Reginald Denny case. Yeah, we know how mistreated you are.
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: how about your TV stations in your area.
how about alerting the radio and news papers?
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: Probably screwin the judges, or a pay off. Or racial? In any case cops suck eachothers coks, they are the worst kinda screwtiny there is.
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: This is way to long to answer.
Try breaking it up into several different questions.
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: The problems with every society but with thew western too much.
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: I was honestly going to, BUT WOW You lost me. Sorry.
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: Justice is supposed to be blind to bias,racism,but unfortunately at times it is not.Sounds like a lot of drama at your place
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: I will give a brief answer.

The best policy is to do what a Policeman says. Your chances of living are generally very good in the USA. I detect you are alive now.

If the Police do wrongly, you stand a chance of colecting damages or at least reforming the system if you behaved civilly and with deference.

Police have a very onerous job. Especially in high crime areas.

Never make threats to anyone.

Society is not run the way any ONE of us desires. It is run according to policies established by a democratic consensus.

Things change slowly, Nothing is perfect.

If you do not expect perfection, you will not be disappointed.

Everyone suffers on earth, not solely African Americans. This suffering comes from everywhere, including your own group.

It will be better to think in terms of right and wrong than racism.

If the police behaved inappropriately, get a lawyer and apply for redress.
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