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: I am living in Georgia (where my divorce and visitation was granted) My ex husband lives in Ohio with the children. I was also living in Ohio but have since moved back to Georgia becuz my husband is military. my ex husband has constantly over the years kept me from seeing the kids but the court in Ohio said I would have to file contempt in georgia becuz thats where the visitation was granted and they are only addressing the child support issue..I could never do much about it from ohio becuz of that with little money and paying child support..Now that im back in Georgia. that was going to be my first order of business. I have now been informed by the court down here that I will have to file visitation contempt in OHio!!!! I tried to explain that they told me i cant do it up there. but they just said.. that i have to do it whre the children live! I dont know where to go from here. I dont know who is right and who is wrong or what to do. I feel im gettin the short end of the stick. I only want to see my children!..

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: you file where the kids LIVE...
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: Contact a family law attorney.
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: From what you've written it would appear correct that you have to file contempt in GA because that's where the visitation rights were granted. I live in Atlanta and know that you can get a lot of bad information from "public service" employees. I suggest that you contact the court again and keep asking for someone in a position of authority. If this gets you nowhere I think you have no alternative other than to contact a lawyer.
Since writing the above I found this on google:
If you are having problems with visitation, you should first contact the Family Services Office in the court where the visitation orders were made.
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: I think this may shed some light on your current situation:
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