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: I had filed over Kia not honoring their warranty and don't have an attorney / can't afford one. How could they get away with this - is the legal system a scam? I just want the money back that I lost for having to fix things that were under warranty / defective. They refuse to do so.
@bcnu, had to get fixed to have car that's why.

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: Are they wanting you join in with another lawsuit against Kia or do they want you to refile in Superior Court??
Answer that and then you can get more precise answers
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: The defendant in a small claims action has the ability to force the trial into a larger court.

To put it another way, a plaintiff can not force someone to forgo a lawyer by filing in small claims.

The defendant can demand trial in a non-small claims court.
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: It's not all that unusual for a large corporation to want to play in superior court, where their lawyers know the ropes.

Not clear why YOU would ever fix thing that are under warranty, since you already paid someone else to do it UNDER THE WARRANTY. If you did it yourself, without their permission, you cannot logically expect to be compensated, but that's a different question.
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