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: There are disputes between my daughter and son in law who are Indians and working there in US. . They are green card holders. They gave birth to a child in USA and he is American citizen. At present they are living separately in USA. The child, my grand son is living with me in India and i am giving him education and looking after him. The child is kept with me with the consent of both parents and my son in law promised to support the child. Now My son in law refusing to support his child as he is living with his maternal grand parents in INDIA. My question is whether the father is liable to support or he can refuse to support because the child is living in India.
Plz see the child stay in India is authorized and with consent of both parents.

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: That is something a family court needs to decide.

It may have been deemed illegal to remove the child to India to begin with. Get a lawyer and let them figure out the situation.
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