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: So I was hit by a bus while I was driving and I left the scene. So to get to the point I'm being charged with two citations. One for accident-duty to give information and render aid. Second right turn-position and method at intersection. My dates at March. So do I need a attorney? If so what kind? Thanks.

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: You don't need a lawyer if you plead guilty. You just told us that you did it.
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: You admitted you did this, so you want an attorney to lie for you?
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: Yes, you need a lawyer.

The first two answers are wrong, and stupid. You should never just walk into court and plead guilty. Just because your guilty doesn't mean you should plead guilty.

Pleading not guilty isn't considered lying. The lawyer isn't going to lie for you. But he will make the state prove their case, and he will get you a good plea deal. With out a lawyer you won't even know if you have a good plea bargain or not.

To the first two answers. If you going to give such stupid advice, then stay out of this section. You could really hurt someone.
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: If you have a good working knowledge of court procedures and accident investigation, then you could represent yourself. If you don't, you will need the help of an attorney that specializes in this field.

If you are found guilty of having caused the accident, expect injured patrons on the bus to sue you for injuries and damages. You will have no defense if you are convicted of the citations as they require a higher burden of proof than civil suits. All they will need to do is present your conviction beyond a reasonable doubt and ask for a summary judgment, and they win without going to trial.

Seek help from an attorney to protect your future income and assets.
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: I definitely vote with "jim" on this! He is correct. You need an attorney to represent you in court.

Buy WHY did you leave the scene of the accident? If the bus hit you, there was a good chance that you would have been found to be 'not at fault' in the accident unless you were in violation of some statute. Both of the charges sound like "Add On Charges" since you left the scene.

Definitely get a lawyer!
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